Design and Me: A Love Story

Design has always been it for me. I was just a little too sheltered to realize it. I knew of art and engineering but never an in between. Thus, I studied Aerospace Engineering, thinking it would let me design cars. I learned it wasn’t the kind of designing I wanted. I needed something more visual and organic. That is when I stumbled into graphic design and then industrial design.

Industrial design, to me, is truly the intersection of engineering and art. It is so beautiful, the way that so many useful things can work together so simply. It was what I had been looking for.

After I graduated, though, instead of getting a domestic job, I joined the Peace Corps. It was an excellent experience I would recommend to everybody. Teaching math and science I really discovered how differently people can think about the same topic. How I may see and understand things clearly and completely from my perspective but that does not mean it is the only one or even the best.

My time overseas also taught me a lot about the environment. I lived in a village with people that survived through their farming. I swam in a lake that feeds millions of people every day. I learned about good farming practices and saw a lot of bad ones. The first hand experience of the reliance and the challenge of living on what you can grow really brought home ideas so popular today of being environmentally conscience.

Design for me is perpetual and I see all of my experiences through it. While I’ve out grown wanting to design cars specifically, I still have a lot of design interests and I think there are still a lot of questions that need better answers.