A Storytelling Workshop for FastFWD Philly

I’ve been invited to speak to the entrepreneurs currently participating in the incubator phase of FastFWD Philadelphia. I’m  excited about this opportunity, and have invited fellow Andculturian, Justin Kunkel, to co-present.

Storytelling is emotional and has the power to connect people on a distinctly human level. I’m often reminded of what an Executive Director once told me when being interviewed about her organizations processes  “Everything begins with a relationship.” That is a powerful statement and one that really validates the need for businesses to connect with their audiences.

Having worked with startups for a number of years, I’m very familiar with the focused mindset new CEO’s often have. Working and refining their pitch and mission statement towards complete perfection. However, that perfection is often focused around the tool or service they are providing, agnostic of the audience.

Audience isn’t something that can be left out of a story. I don’t tell my grand parents the same version of a story I’d tell my best friend, and rightfully so. They’re familiarity with aspects of the story will vary, their generational perspectives on life are different, they are just flat out interested in different things. Rightfully so, they are different people. It’s my job, as the storyteller to adapt my story to make it interesting to both, while still making it similar enough to be about the same event.

During the event, we’ll provide some background and principles on good storytelling and then provide a framework to step through this challenge of translating a story to varied audiences. Sign up here to join us on the evening of April 16!