Designing with Data

A Presentation on Creating Visualizations

Visualizing data is a fantastic method for both uncovering the foundational insights that inform the story as well as telling the story itself, and it is a technique that is close to my heart. As such, it was the obvious choice for our weekly department rendezvous focusing on professional development and sharing.

It is close to my heart, because as an experience designer and strategist at andCulture I deal with a lot of information. Some qualitative, some quantitative and it’s my aim to coalesce that information from disparate tidbits and remarks to a cogent story that offers clear perspectives on previously unanswerable questions.

Since this was initially created as an internal presentation, I focused on providing some on-slide commentary to try to act as a memory log, and give the gist. I did however, try to touch on some of the more academic basics, to help provide some theory background for those that have simply been working from experience and intuition.

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