Student Evaluations

After my first semester teaching I anxiously looked forward to my teacher evaluations. As can be seen here, I was very happy that all my work was well received and that the course was as relevant and useful as I had hoped. Clearly there is still work to be done, but being new to teaching at the graduate level and especially new to online teaching, I am relieved that my format was effective. Now as I continue to teach online I can iterate on the format, refining it to the needs of my current class.

For a little background on the class, it is an online course for Art and Design educators. There is an A and a B version of the class but overall the focus is on digital tools that can be used to augment administrative and teaching practices. In Educational Media A, the focus is explicitly on resources for practice, where for the B version the focus is more on resources and methods of engagement.

See the full infographic here.