Over and Out

It has been a few weeks now since I’ve moved out of our graduate studio, but it feels good. I am excited for my next steps, though where they will go is uncertain. Is it time to start a business or apply for jobs? If a business, do I keep it small and focus on physical things and my local community, or do I flesh out some of my more out-there ideas in hopes of making good in the high-growth digital market? Or do I apply for a job? If I do that though, then do I unpack my full studio skill set to focus down on one area of design research, interaction design, service design, organizational development, experience design, etc.?

I feel like the conversations I was having with my startup clients today is pretty germane. We were discussing how, though they may see their service or product meeting a multitude of user’s needs, they really need to choose one, very specific market, at least initially, and go and dominate it. Thus while, it would be lovely if serendipity or an epiphany – or a serendipitous epiphany – would answer my questions, I would also be sad if it happened. All the intensity and excitement of this moment would be gone. These are the moments of most potential, when anything seems feasible. In an effort not to waste these opportunistic thoughts I am documenting everything with notes, photos and sketches. My hope is to review them, looking for patterns to match to current trends to see where to jump in headlong and get to work.

I feel like I’m on a foggy cliff, uncertain of how many steps I still have until I fall and how far the fall will be when it happens. Oh, the suspense!