State of Cycling Follow Up

The event went great!(more about its planning here) We had a great panel (an extra Police officer even showed up)! We learned a little more about parking in bike lanes, the new bike share coordinator position which is in the works, and how communities are involved in lane planning and implementation. In the end, there was a lot of new introductions and conversations around the discussion topics.

As a first time moderator is was invigorating. I had a lot of anxiety about how to do it “right.” However, our preparation paid off(as usual). Armed with well formatted questions, categorized by topic and addressee, put me in a great position to be ready with follow-up questions and keep the conversation flowing. I also found this article quite helpful by explaining some of the dynamics that would be at play throughout the event. Such as considering the audience my consumer and their informative entertainment my goal, rather than it being some kind of interrogation.

Points of improvement for next time include, not dropping the ball on making a twitter hashtag, being more assertive as a moderator to eliminate the repetition and rambling and finally improve the pre-panel meeting to do introductions and answer questions.