Thesis Defense – Abridged

This past month has been a crazy time warp. So many long days that lead into so many long nights; days lost their meaning. Finally, after a lot of writing and re-writing, our thesis has been defended. Improving cycling in Philadelphia by addressing issues at all levels, from the street to the city to the nation. wicked problem, like transportation, needs a multi-faceted approach. I want to give a huge thanks to Dillon Mahmoudi for making some awesome maps, highlighting the connectivity of our cycling network. More on all this later though. We’ve certainly come a long way from camping out in coffee shops, listening to crazy stories from the serial entrepreneur owner.

There is no rest for the weary though. We still have another re-write or two before the book is done. However, before that happens, I’m off to New York. I was selected as a Fellow for the 99% Conference. It is put on by Behance, a  not Occupy. I am expecting an awesome event!

Time is short. As a hold over check out a fun interactive photo, courtesy of Sara Hall(sorry the embed code wouldn’t work). Once I have more time I’ll get some better info up. It has been a while! (I still need to enumerate all the awesomeness(jobs!) that happened at the BDQ event as well!)