The Tipping Point

This book by Malcolm Gladwell tries to be a guideline for starting a personal idea epidemic. Being my second Gladwell book (Blink was my first), I’m seeing a trend in his structure and lack of depth. However, what it lacks in depth, it certainly makes up in entertainment.

The book begins by outlining three different types of people, connectors, mavens and salesmen. He provides a few guidelines for how these people can work to create these idea epidemics, such as leveraging context or the “stickiness” of their idea. While all these are clearly articulated, he provides no structure for how someone might actually develop an actionable plan around them. He does, however, provide a lot of fun anecdotal stories to prove his theories, from Paul Revere’s ride to the birth of Sesame Street. Thus a fun read, but a bit disappointing in terms of my current projects, because it wasn’t as useful as I had hoped it would be.