Interactive Media

Last semester I was a teachers assistant for Slavko Milekic’s Interactive Media class. This is a graduate class taught in the Art and Design Education Department. It is a class for aspiring art and design teachers to gain a better understanding of the capabilities of technology today via hands on projects. The class was structured similar to a studio in that each student chose a single project of their liking to focus on and develop throughout the semester. We used the class time to explain some of the basics of Live Code, the scripting language the students used to develop their projects, to answer project specific questions and provide critque and guidance.

The students developed some really interesting projects. Since they were, for the most part, left up to their own devices for what kind of application to develop there was a wide range of focus including: the history of hockey’s goalie mask graphics, a personal art gallery, information about the Lenape tribes, a deck of inspirational sketch cards, and more.

It was a great experience to be able use my technical background to support these students in their professional development. It was fun to see how the students explored the program and pushed its and their limits to make it exactly what they envisioned.

My role included more than just room and technical setup for the teacher, I also worked with the students during class on their technical and design problems, as well as providing critque and tutoring.