Christmas Ornament

Yesterday, amidst prepping for the four presentations and final deliverables associated with them for each of my classes, I shopped. I had to find a present for my Niece. As her God-Father, it is my duty to get her an ornament for Christmas. A family tradition, as Hank Jr. might have said.

I weather the un-seasonally lovely weather and dealt with no crowds and poked around, from shop to shop, throughout old city. Checking out all the funky, fun shops looking for some bohemian trinket or something awesome. Alas, I couldn’t find anything that seemed like the right choice. I returned to studio, bummed, and recommenced work on one of my various projects thinking if I had time, I could always just make something with the laser cutter. Later in the evening I found the time! I needed to come up with something quick. 2-D things seemed boring. I thought about her face, to be fun and weird, but it seemed complex, since I had never laser cut something. Boom, I decided a Christmas ball.

I decided to just hammer one out. Prototype V1. Two panels that slot together. How with they be held together? By yarn, I’ll have a little notch at the top I can tie a loop around. I’ll add ridges so that the yarn can be wound around the ball. She can build it, like a project. A yearly project, redesigning it each year. Hmmm… That’s what I thought.

Unfortunately, no laser cutter photos… I knew I should take some as I sat watching, but I couldn’t leave. Sorry.