Personal Progression

As classes draw to a close, projects continue to wrap up. We don’t have Methods class critiques until next Tuesday but the work is pretty much done. The most interesting of the three projects, for me, was of course the personal map of the last decade. I evaluated myself in terms of my skills, experiences and satisfaction to see at what points I felt I was at when certain things were happening.

The top section is focused on the skills themselves such as bicycle mechanics, web design, or coding, while the bottom is more the contextual information which includes, happiness, satisfaction, and pay rate. I added the left side section to enable comparison of their forms independently while providing a key to the themes of the skills.

It’s come a long way from the start, where it was more of a stagnant list. Of course, back then I saw it as a supplemental hand-out and at 24″x 36″ this is certainly not that anymore.