I finally finished and submitted my application, but it wasn’t until after three stories, five cover letters, many re-writes and a few portfolio and resume revisions. It was well worth it though. The one year fellowship will let me utilize my design skills in the developing world to address significant and socially relevant problems. Something I’ve been excited to do since my time in the Peace Corps. This world has a lot of great things happening in it. I’ve seen examples first hand, whether in Malawi, Georgia, California or now Pennsylvania. However, there are still many opportunities for improvement. Considering where to begin addressing almost any of the large issues can be very overwhelming, but the fact is, until someone starts chipping away at them they’ll never get addressed. That’s exactly what I want to do.

The application requested:
Cover letter
Short story about a cultural experience that changed my perspective in some way
OPEN Ideo Username: DominicP