Research, Sketching, Mapping, Prototyping

As an elective this semester I took a freshman class that goes over a lot of design tools. It’s focused on helping people get a cursory understanding of what design is and begin to expose them to their own creative process. One of the deliverables for this project is a book of all, or most, of our other projects. It is focused on our process, and I think the hope is that in seeing all of our processes that had earlier seemed discrete, collected in a book, we can begin to understand what our normal approach is to problems.

At first it seemed like just one more thing on my plate. Now that I have a first draft done, though, I’m really impressed with it.

It has definitely been a busy month with my thesis project, the Penn Medicine studio project, a few other things and this! Hopefully I can get some catchup posts up sooner than later. I have a lot of the process of the design tool development in the book beginning on page 36, but again, hopefully I can get a dedicated post up for it, but it may end up being a Christmas break activity.