This past weekend we had another session with Jonny Goldstein. It was great, perfect timing and all. Nick and I have collected a ton of information about our thesis topic but we haven’t had time to really put it all out and see it together to see all the connections. This weekend we got to begin taking stabs at that, among other things.

We started it off with printing and pinning everything we had about topic on a wall. Once that was done we began to sort and categorize by topic. Once there we started choosing other more high-level categories like advocacy or policy and regrouping the relevant pieces on the whiteboard so that we could begin to see how our prior understandings overlapped in these other contexts that actually all happen simultaneously. An example is that we had all our entities separated, the individual players, the plans, the efforts and more separated and when we looked at advocacy a lot of these topics began overlapping. This was very helpful to see. We still have a lot more to do before we can start to bring it all together though.

In the midst of this we were doing other activities like envisioning what our thesis will do for us in the future, practicing visualizing interviews as well as facilitating an interview and more. It was a great weekend and really well executed. It really helped me get my thoughts together and see a solid argument for how our thesis could be significant.

Nick and my common understanding of what we need to do now includes:

  1. Find out where the cyclists actually ride
  2. Find out how much money is available for improving cycling infrastructure
  3. Find out how many Philadelphia cyclists ride and what the projected growth rate is here and nationwide
  4. Demonstrate how the current system supports cycling but how a future system needs to be created to support the rapidly growing transportation method