Cultural Probes II

Continuing from our earlier post on Cultural Probes, we’ve finished our first iteration! I’m pretty psyched; they look fantastic. Following up on the earlier post we decided to stick with the separate notebook and camera option. It made more sense to us in terms of usability. The relational connection between the two was really only the ability to add some extra information about the photos and while it would be nice, we felt that at this point usability is a better metric to build on.

Finalizing the look and feel we decided to go with a pleasant green/blue/orange/cream color scheme. We felt that this would be less intense than UArts black and red, and better than making it directly identify with Penn Medicine. We were afraid if we did the latter it could cause inhibitions which would produce lower quality results. The language we chose to be engaging and inspire our interviewees to want to really show us their situation.

The next steps are to get some white envelopes and make some return labels so that it’s easy as possible for them to return the kits to us. Fingers crossed it all goes well! Tomorrow they get their first test run. Excited because it should prove to be some great information on the premise and scope of the project as well as great feedback for the cultural probes so we can iterate before we start giving them to people who have no idea who we are and what we’re doing.