Image Obsession

For my elective class I had an assignment called Image obsession. We were required to come up with 100 images on a topic provided. I chose “the idea of ‘Nature'”, a few others included “people running from things,” “handheld objects,” “Fear,” etc.

I decided to take my own pictures and tell the story of the everyman urbanite in search of Nature. I imagined it beginning with a thought, an interest in nature. This would precipitate into google searches, magazine articles and grow to even looking up from their desk out of the window with the thought that Nature isn’t in here, but out there. Eventually the individual builds the courage to venture out into what they think is Nature, but the familiar cityscape is all they find. On their quest they begin to notice the allusions Nature, such as street signs and restaurant logos. It’s around this time they begin noticing the grass growing in the cracks of the sidewalk and the planters with topiaries placed around. These more authentic representations of Nature make the individual greedy for more and thus they slowly make their way to the park, paying closer and closer attention to plants along the way. However the park too is a let down, for its heavy use, manicured pathways, and urban paraphernalia, such as trash cans, make it only a tease and a let down.

With only 100 images the story ends here. To me it’s a story of courage and perseverance, but one also of an ominous future. A future filled with the rigid structure of good ideas and patches as opposed to dynamic restructuring. Looking back, I noticed that though I was focused on taking pictures of “Nature” the overall tone of the images was mostly gray and that’s quite different from the historically green look of nature.