Door Jam

At school we have a stairwell with an outdoor little balcony on each level. People often use it to smoke so they don’t have to go all the down the however-many floors to get to the front door for a 5-min cigarette. I, however, enjoy to using it for the fresh air and nice perspective on the city.

Facilities doesn’t like people smoking out there so they’ve made it so that the door doesn’t open from the outside(I forgot to mention that there is a different stairway that facilities prefers people to use as well). Often when I go out there, there is a brick, piece of cement or some kind of stick lodged between the door and the jam so it doesn’t shut all the way. However, when I was another floor’s balcony I noticed they had nothing. Their door swung open and closed fine and the door latch never fastened. I checked it out and discovered someone had ingeniously jammed some coins, like shims, between the rocker latch and the body of the door handle. It has a nice clean look to it as well, so I decided to copy it on our floor. We’ll see how long it lasts.

A Side Story: One time while I was on the balcony a strange clean-cut corporate looking fellow with a name-badge came booming out of the stairway door, the stairway (almost) no one uses. It totally caught me off guard. He then proceeded to fly through the other doorway on to the main floor kicking the brick aggressively, that was holding the door open, out-of-the-way. I was stunned. Fortunately in his rush he had swung the door open so far that I had time to wake up from my stupor and catch the door before it locked me out. So strange. An exciting story I know!