The B.D.Q. Happy Hour

Rather pleased with tonight’s turnout. We, The B.D.Q., held a happy hour tonight for Temple MBA and UArts MiD students at Milkboy. The event literally actualized the premise of our group, to bring together designers and business people to begin conversations about the value of each others role and where it could go. I think a lot of people were really impressed with each others work and perspectives and are really excited to keep up the conversations.

One of the questions I was asked tonight was what are some of our milestones were. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we are growing organically and flying by the seat of our pants currently. The idea is to test the waters. Today proved that there is interest and so now it’s a matter of maintaining that momentum. Hopefully the interest will be strong enough to get more people at our regular meetings to help develop this group. I really want to include our participants in this development so that it continues to bring them value.

See the pictures on the site.