Box Shelves

I’ve also finished my box shelves finally. These were another furniture product that got put on the back-burner for six-plus months due to school projects. I mentioned this in the Super-Post from yesterday, but I’ve decided to dedicate a post to it to show my process a bit.

It started out with a need and inspiration. My need can be seen in the initial photo with Jenn’s TV on a chair. I thought about what would look nice and was inspired by the seemingly endless selection of box-styled shelves. I thought they offer a nice clean modern look, while being adaptable so that while Jenn and I can use them as a TV stand now, they would easily become basic shelves later in an office or living room. The stack-ability was so that they could be adaptable and fit into whatever environment they find themselves in. I chose ply wood because I hoped they would be a quick and cheap response to our demand while giving a bit nicer look than pine or MDF.

I probably only have eight to twelve hours in work time in these, however initially I had hoped to raster a pattern with the laser-cutter somewhere on them to help these look a little nicer, but I just never settled on one. They do still need to be finished, as in shellac, but that’s a detail at this point. While I do regret not laser-cutting something on to these, they are only a prototype, a learning tool and the next will be better, out of nicer material.

As for finish, since they don’t have a pattern burned into them, I may do a two-tone stain, one color on the inside and the other out. Ultimately I want to remake these using different hardwoods and maybe some thin steel. Mix up the materials to give the shelf pile a nice texture.