The Business & Design Quad

I met with Georgia and Kyle, yesterday about our collaborative effort. For the sake of clarity and availability of names we have re-named ourselves(already) from The Quad, to The Business/Design Quad, or The B.D.Q. for short. We liked this because it’s more unique while being a little more explanatory. The name maintains the allusion to a student space for meeting, while being more explicit about the types of people we’re trying to bring together.

We’ve began to build our online presence, which is still in an alpha stage, and started to plan events. Another meeting next week should help us flesh out more details and help keep this inertia.

In the mean time, I’m trying to develop a logo. I was looking to four-sided figures, the arabic numeral “4” and the “Q” for inspiration, but building on our new acronym might be better. We’ll see.