Chop Block End Table

Finally it’s finished (almost)!

I found this huge butcher block counter top piece on the sidewalk, set out for the trash to pick up, one evening down in south philly. That was almost a year ago. Since then it’s been a slow process that has mostly involved sitting on the ground between the wall and my cabinet. Every now and then I interrupted its sedentary life to work on it.

I eventually got around to pulling the bolts out, prying the boards apart and trying to sand them down. That didn’t work so well, so I put it through a planer and took an eighth of an inch off. It cleaned up real well. I enjoyed the big variations in the grain between each board.

One plank was particularly bad, such that when I glued, pressed and bolted them back together There was a big bump. As this point my goal was to put it through the planer again and smooth it out, but because both sides were un-even it needed something else done to it first. The wood-shop on our floor didn’t have the tools to handle the next steps and I never found time to coordinate the effort. So again it sat.

I had high hopes over summer to atleast get some legs made for it. I had envisioned a piece of flat-stock steel bent to an arch on each side, so that top sat on the pinnacle of the arch and the legs touched at the bottom. However, again that didn’t happen, something about internships, weddings, birthdays, etc. I finally decided to make it happen and not wait for everything to be perfect so I searched craigslist for a donor table and came-up on some $20 job with decent legs (The woman claimed the table cost her $100 originally! ha). I flipped the top over, sanded it down with some 200-grit and bolted the legs on.

I still have hopes of finishing-finishing it, or atleast putting a lacquer on it or something. In the mean time, I’ll actually use it. Sweet.