This book ends with an essay explaining how good design comes from loving life. Why would I argue with that!

As a book This Is Service Design Thinking is trying to be two things, a design textbook and a design project. It does succeed in both. This latter aspect gives the book a certain dynamic quality because you know that if you have an issue with something as you’re reading, there’s the small chance that you could actually suggest a change and have it happen. The liveliness of the creator’s and book’s online presence lets me know it’s a living document, and the multiple ribbon book markers, page references, iconography and way-finding tools allow me use it as a reference.

As a book it seems well structured. Similar to Exposing the Magic of Design and even A Whole New Mind, it begins with the current state of affairs then breaks down the argument to usable tools and examples. Specifically, it opens with essays on the state of design, explaining what service design is all about and why this book is necessary. It follows that with a chapter of tools, and then on to a chapter of examples. Each tool page, shows a reference page for examples that use of the tool, so it’s easier to understand how to implement it yourself. Finally, the book ends with a chapter on the future of service design, where it is currently heading and how it will continue to grow.

As a book, it seemed on point and very usable. However I haven’t actually tried to use it yet, so I can’t really speak about its usability. As I found out with Exposing the Magic of Design, though a reference text may read well, without clear and, more importantly, thorough explanations and example can be hard to build from.