The Quad

In other news, I’m working with Georgia and two awesome MBA students from Temple whom I met while working at A&I. We’ve recognized how significant the work each other is doing, especially in the role it can play in the realm of entrepreneurship, so we’ve decided to formalize our relationship into something more usable.

Currently we are in a very early planning and discussion phase. We’re trying to flesh out our goals and the purpose of the connection. As it stands now, we see the connection as merely the initial steps to a more broad link between the fields. We hope to facilitate not only conversations but action through designer/business person collaboration. With books like A Whole New Mind being published and new business support structures like the Designer Fund being created, it’s obvious that business is starting to see the value in design. With the students in the respective fields seldom having time to explore the other, collaboration is left as the optimal way to maximize potential.

It is this facilitation role we are focusing on. For the time being we have also decided to keep our scope narrow and only really consider students. Thus the name, The Quad, alluding to the large fields on many campuses where students can hold activities, play, talk, or scheme.