I want to address the new downloads section I’ve added at the bottom of the menu bar. A lot of the work I do it meant to be shared and so I realized I need to help facilitate that.

The Chitumbuka language reference manual is a book I wrote to assist people in learning the language. The book is not meant as a stand alone piece but merely a reference, such that once you have learned the fundamentals of grammar you can look to this book as a reminder and a small dictionary to help develop your skills.

To develop this book, I began by compiling my notes from my language training at the beginning of my Peace Corps training. I then began talking with other volunteers about the content. As the content developed I worked with fellow teachers at my site to ensure the accuracy of translations. That said, the language is very dynamic, since it is only spoken by a small number of people, so while these words may make sense in my part of Malawi, the pronunciation may be different or there may be an entirely different word, in a different part. This book is meant to be a living document and so I hope that you will feel free to amend it as you see fit. My last edits to it were in 2008.

Since I wrote it while I was in the Peace Corps in Malawi the file is a Microsoft Word .doc . If you would like a different format, please feel free to contact me. See more about it’s development in the portfolio section.

The Experiences Vector Illustrator Files were created to graphically convey points of my life. As part of a summer homework assignment for thesis we are suppose to develop a value statement for our life and delve into who we are. I feel like I’ve lived a fairly eventful life and with our program inclined to visualizations and personally inclined to line drawings in illustrator the results are a good fit. Likewise, I have often found myself on the hunt for a good vector drawing and decided since I had spent so much time meticulously drawing these and they’ll probably just sit on my computer otherwise, I should offer them up to the design gods as a sacrifice and let others share in their simplicity and cleanliness.

It is a large file, at 24mb, however there are around 25 vector drawings in Adobe Illustrator CS5 .ai format ready to be exported to whatever file-type you like. You can see most of them on the back page of my life map document here.