White House Business Event

I went to the White House Urban Entrepreneurship Forum yesterday. It was held at Temple’s Fox School of Business. I wish I could say it was great, but I feel like I might not have been the intended audience. There was a lot of talk that went right over my head and with an event that goes from 8am to 7pm, it was killing me. There was so much talk of who people were and what they had done and not enough actionable information, for me anyway. There was some speculation about what the hardest parts of starting a business had been for people and some discussion panels on topics like public/private partnerships. It just wasn’t applicable to me and my situation. The highlights for me were the initial discussions between our Mayor Nutter and Delaware’s treasurer and the Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition where 10 people pitched their business ideas for the chance to win 8 weeks mentorship and 10 large. Wash Cycle laundry won it. The guy seemed nervous, but knew his business and what it needed.

Wayne Kimmel was suppose to talk about A&I, but some how I missed it. The whole thing was perpetually running late and I had stepped out for a bit after lunch with the hopes of returning in time to see him. He was scheduled for 4pm and when I returned the events that were scheduled before him were still happening, but then he never appeared. Today though, I heard they shifted the schedule a bit and he spoke before. Bummer.

The up side was that it did seem like a good schmoozing event. However, I’m not much for that and I don’t have any particular idea I’m trying to push right now other than school stuff so I didn’t really have a need to find new people to talk to so I ended up just talking with the ones I already knew and heading out.

It was good to get out of my design box and start getting into that business world; to see how it works and what the state of affairs is. I’ve been dealing a lot with start-ups and entrepreneurs lately with my internship so it was great to try to see how upper level policy and government is trying to support it.