Thesis Homework Development – Travel

We’ve been given summer homework to help us begin taking steps down the long road of thesis. The homework is in three parts, the first part, of which Nick and I are working on together, involves finding a physical space, any space, and heavily researching it. That means interviewing the people involved with it, finding out the history, all it’s current uses, etc. This has been a challenge because it’s so open ended. Here in Philly there are a lot of awesome old run-down buildings we both love, but how much of a challenge will it be to get in touch with anyone connected to them, or there are coffee shops that we both enjoy going to, but they seem so small and one dimensional, then there are big event spaces that have a lot of intricacies to explore, but we may not have time to dig deep into it all. Obviously these issues aren’t actually deal-breakers for any of these places, but certainly things that should be considered. It’s just a matter of getting together and hammering it out.

The last item on the homework is some good old fashioned book reading. The books to read include the one I most recently read, Exposing the Magic of Design and the other I’ve just started to read, which is This is Service Design Thinking. Excited to have good material to read.

The second part is more introspective. That is the part I’m currently working on. The idea is to find out who you are so that, I assume, when making decisions about which way to take our thesis they aren’t just based on whims. I know I have traveled a lot, not as much as some, but I’ve been happy with it and I feel it has played a big role in who I am and what I can bring to the table so I’ve been working on diagraming it, thus the image above.

I know it still needs some work (feel free to post comments and suggestions). It’s been suggested that making a timeline a circle isn’t the best. Also, I know the colorization to indicate before and after 18 isn’t super clear. Right now I am thinking of this being a tabloid page size handout for my initial presentation. I’ve been thinking the maps could be on the inside and I want to add other information to it, such as my hobbies and experiences and interests, which would go on the other pages. Not sure how it will all be laid out, especially because there is no grid yet. I’m trying to keep it visual and easy to digest, because this will only be a supplement to the presentation, but it will probably get displayed as well.

The idea is to post the process. This way it’s easy to go back and see the evolution occur and be transparent.