Collabritique at Artists & Instigators

Our impromptu first real demonstration happened at my work, A&I, in old city. We were preparing for our second meeting at PAFA, the first time they would see Collabritique 2.0. We developed it on a mac tower and then planned on using my laptop to demo it and needed to test it prior to to ensure there were no bugs.

It seemed like a great success. People were really intrigued by the system and quickly gathered to see what it was all about. Out of context it seemed more like a game, but people enjoyed playing with it so atleast we know it’s fun!

The PAFA meeting ended up going ok as well. We were moved from beside the front entrance to a large pillar directly in the middle of the space. It turned out to be a change for the better for everyone. Some things are still up in the air, like the display size and where the kinect will be positioned, if we’re invited to the opening, how long we’ll be able to keep it there, etc.