Artists and Instigators

Earlier this year I received a fellowship through the Corzo Center to work for this venture capital firm, Artists and Instigators, that is re-branding itself and become more consumer facing. They are really trying to support the entrepreneur through a multitude of ways, not just through venture funding, as they previously did.

I’ve been working with them for about a month now. So far I’ve been mostly helping them tell their story. I’ve worked with them to refine some details and created diagrams to help convey their message succinctly. I’m currently trying to find a way to take on more of a problem solving capacity, however they are moving to a new space in town (they’re currently about a half our away) and it’s been hectic.

In other news, I’m glad A&I (as they’ll be henceforth called) has let me work part-time because with Haley, my sister, getting married, Collabritique, our museum installation, taking off, and thesis looming overhead, there’s not really much time for anything else.