Dom and Nick

Nick and I have decided to work on thesis together. We’d been discussing the idea for a while, but we finally formalized it with a handshake a week or two ago now.

We met to discuss possibilities. Each of us had already been thinking about what our interests were. Individually, prior to our meeting, we used a white board to try to externalize our concepts about thesis, from expectations to interests. We sat on these concepts a while, letting them turn over and mix again in our head. Then we came back together, as can be seen in the whiteboard image, and re-drew out our distilled interests individually on a shared whiteboard. Once complete, we took a step back and looked for connections and answered questions about the content. Notes were taken during the ensuing dialogue and we began to move forward with unifying concepts.

Our consensus after that first meeting was an interest in developing small businesses that have a global perspective. We’re hoping to begin doing research soon, contacting owners of small businesses like coffeeshops and craftsmen like custom bike frame builders.

We made a pdf of our synthesized content for future reference, it can be seen here.