Remás Redux

School finally dwindled to a close yesterday, or maybe the day before. It was so anti-climactical I didn’t really notice. The public art class is continuing in some form through summer, though, and with all the intern work, thesis and side projects I’ll be doing this summer the formality of the semester ending is relatively meaningless in terms of work to do!

It’s not as bad as I make it seem, Jenn and I have some nice trips planned including my sister’s wedding. Hopefully we can work a lot of beach trips in too.
My final assignment for school was to work with Alaina, the other “first year” in the Remás group and revise our studio book from last semester, ensuring all the elements such as copy, photos, layout, etc. are consistent and well done. We’re still trying to track down a Spanish translator. At 7 cents a word (the most cost effective price we’ve received so far) the price would be like $1,100 (with about 80 pages of translation needed, at about 200 words per page). As it stands now, we have some base text (thanks Google Translate), however since I can’t read Spanish I can only guess how horrible the translation is. Luckily it looks good!

If you’d like to see for yourself, there is a temporary copy uploaded to in preparation for printing. It can be downloaded here. WARNING: this is not a download for the feint of heart, at over 60mb it may take more than a minute of your time and a significant portion of your bandwidth for that amount of time!