A Whole New Mind

A Whole New Mind Book Cover

A Whole New Mind Book Cover
What a great book. I feel like I continue to say these books are great, but honestly I haven’t read a bad book in a while. I’m not unhappy about that either.

I liked this book by Daniel Pink because it is not only direct and easy to read, but because he provides tools and events I can explore to try and learn these key lessons he’s proposing. I realize I got a bit ahead of myself. The idea behind this book is that in the past our logical Left-brained approach has brought prosperity, but with the advent of the digital age and globalization this is not sufficient anymore. Now one must also employ their emotional cerebral right hemisphere if they want to excel and whatever they do.

The book starts with the basic argument that the rest of the book is built on, that Asia (their manufacturing prowess and cheap labor in particular), Automation (the ability of computers to do routine tasks) and Abundance (the fact that most of the first world countries aren’t wondering where their next meal will come from) have allowed us first-worlders to look deeper at everything we do. To look for meaning. Pink then proposes six tools for excelling in this new work environment where meaning is valued, which he foresees fast approaching, if not already upon us.

These tools include design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning. What’s great is that he dedicates a chapter to each one thoroughly explaining what each means and the benefit it can bring if employed. Of course, my favorite part though is the section at the end of each chapter he calls the portfolio in which he provides references to books, music, websites and more that I (or any reader) can go to start to figure out how to incorporate these tools in to my life.