Remás: The App


With the semester pretty much over, I thought I’d share the final iteration of the app I’ve been developing. It was most currently informed by the user testing from the festival. That testing yielded results that included facts like:

  • the buttons were too small
  • people enjoyed the “slidy” version more
  • the concept was appreciated
  • the app was somewhat intimidating
  • people appreciated the map
  • people wanted to see the amount to be received in Pesos

Taking this information into account, I sketched out some updated ideas for the interface. I tried to maintain features that allow the app to decrease the users cognitive load and change the nature of the task to simplify things.

Below you can see the sketches and resultant and final iteration. Also, I’ve written an essay discussing my recommendations for moving the project forward as well as the cognitively conscientious aspects of the design as it currently stands. It can be downloaded here as a pdf. It is a bit dry, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.