Superfluid in Meatspace


A funny name I know, but it was a cool event. It was held at NextFab but put on by the Superfluid. The superfluid is a website focused on helping small projects get off the ground by enabling people to find other team members to fill gaps in their lineup. The concept was that people could come with their ideas, have them visualized and added to the site, and then mingle and find other people at the event to work with. A neat premise; it played out pretty nicely.

I was brought on as the visualization guy. I am pretty new to that world but Jonny Goldstein, a master at this kind of thing, conducted a few workshops for us “MiD-ers” on how to do this. I had done it a time or two before, more casually, and I practiced but I was still pretty nervous. Fortunately the whole room wasn’t watching me, and I had some time to revise some of my drawings. It was great to talk out peoples ideas with them and work together to get a visual representation of what they had in their head. Overall it was a lot of fun, but I still have a long way to go if I’m going to add this to my resume!