Remás Progress

I’ve decided I should show more process on this blog, and so it shall begin.

I’ve been working on the phone aspect of the Remás system proposed last semester. While I had initially considered focusing on a text message based service due to the prevalence of dumbphones available today. I ended up developing a smartphone application due to the incredible rates of growth in that market and, because the potential of the system allows for a broad breadth of tools that would allow me to practice leveraging the cognitive science qualities we are learning in class.

I began developing a system that included a means for not only finding the best option to send money around but also tied back into the Remás system for accessing and leaving reviews. It would also allow the user to auto-populate an electronic form with their saved information using scanner code or near field connection. One other option would be tracking exchange rates for the transfer services. This doesn’t seem to be currently available and having a log of this information to access may turn up some very interesting results. Lastly the part I found most fun was that the walking direction would use augmented reality, similar to the Layars application currently available. In the city here it doesn’t really matter if which way you go around a block to get somewhere so written directions seem like overkill. This system would simply allow the user to know the general direction and thus allow them to navigate the streets normally. As opposed to constantly trying to figure out where they are on a map with respect to their destination and which direction that means they need to head.

After a client meeting, though impressed, he stressed an imperative to focus on just the key feature of actually determining the best option for sending money. On that, I’ve iterated two new interfaces to try and determine not only which is easiest to use but what information is even necessary to ask for and display. They will be translated for testing soon.