Schuykill Generating Plant

Recently I arranged a visit to the power plant near the PECO development that will be funding our public art project in an effort to find inspiration for the piece. It was great going with all these art student undergrads too because they were awestruck. Having a dad who works in a power plant I knew a little more about what to expect. The awesomeness of machinery never gets old though!

The people there were really friendly and the mechanics of the plant were quite interesting. It’s a boiler system that uses steam to create energy. They are actually only online during peak times, but when they heat a huge 10 story tall vat of water with fireballs of gas to produce steam which turns a fan to create the electrical energy. Not exactly the most efficient system but it’s not exactly new technology either. The plant was built in 1903; our guide explained that this area of Philly was a testing ground for a lot of new power generation technologies in the 1920’s.

Afterwords we went to this fantastic little hot dog restaurant, Moe’s. They had a huge selection of crazy hot dogs that came on some a nice fat bun that looked home made.  I got a chicago dog and a dominic. The dominic was pepperoni and cheese wiz covered hot dog. I couldn’t pass it up! Good times.

Below is a nice panoramic from the rooftop of the plant.