In San Diego, the bike shop I worked (that finally got a website) at subscribed to the cliché, “if you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.”

That meant, even when there were no customers I needed to still look productive or I’d be sentenced to moving bikes and sweeping under them or some such grunt work. Fortunately my creativity was recognized and often I’d be allowed to do things that may otherwise have seemed useless.

On a particularly boring day I found myself cutting up an Electra catalog. There are so many people in their catalogs I thought I could bring them off the pages and make them interact more with the products. The one pictured is in the cabinet where we kept pedals, but I had them everywhere. One was on the helmets with a safety suggestion, another in the bathroom with a hand-washing reminder, and more in the windows repping the bicycle lifestyle!

Good times.