Charrette – Good Day Door

Charrette came and went. I was lead to believe it was going to be three days of mind-melting intensity. Instead we a chose a virtue and an element(air, earth, fire, water) to work on. We meditated. We learned about non-violent communication. We did yoga. Well I didn’t, but people did.

Charrette is a pretty weird idea when you come from Tech. We completely stop all ID classes, group up (about 10 students, grad and undergrad mixed) and work on a completely new project for three days. Then it’s back to the old stuff again.

My group chose Air and Balance. After deciding against air filter cigarettes and aromatherapy we came to this doorway idea. We decided that to help people have balance in their lives we’d offer them the chance to have a physical action help improve their day. There were no speakers, no smells, no lasers, no magic dust, there wasn’t even a door. Just a threshold that said “Good Day Door.”

This is where the air part comes in. We were doing nothing to the space except physically framing it. Any affects that happened after that were purely due to a participants openness. That was the beauty of it and people responded well. I saw people kiss their hand and then touch it as they walked through. I saw people hop and wave and then walk through. I saw a line of people waiting to walk through it. I saw people taking pictures with it. I saw people smiling even though they didn’t walk through it.

Overall I am very impressed by the reactions. I heard that during Charrette you might create some of the best work of your time here. A little artsy but I am definitely proud of this.

PWStyle – Good Day Door

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