House Hunting

It is day four now. It’s a very discouraging endeavor. I continue to find mediocre places and that’s the worst part because they aren’t obviously bad, it’s just that I’d prefer something a little better. I end up walking away from places that I’m questionable about. That’s ok, in and of itself, however it’s the fact that apparently Philly is a college town, so when I call back about a place I find it’s been rented already.

I did find one place I liked a lot. It was a loft in a lovely brownstone on a quiet street just north of I-676. It had a beautiful parquet floors with a braid pattern around the baseboard. There was a huge fireplace with a mirror inset above the mantel. The front had a two level bay window with wooden shutters that had a special compartment that they would tuck away into when open. The other lighting came from a simple  10 candle chandelier for light with an ornate base attached to the ceiling. Being that it was a loft it obviously had a huge ceiling, which made the place feel so big and roomy. There are always downsides, though, the kitchen and bathroom ceiling were almost too low and the loft ceiling only cleared five feet. Enough maybe for a desk, but certainly not for walking around. The closet situation was a bid sad as well, though it’s hard to count that as a strike when that’s pretty much the norm. It did have a small back courtyard and the possibility of a parking space and at under $800 it seemed too good to be true. Alas, it turned out to be. I sent in my application and a minute later got a response saying it had already been let. Bummer.

Off now for two more scheduled appointments and hopefully a few more spontaneous ones. Wish me luck.