Grad School

Driving across country now. Heading to Philadelphia to attend the University of the Arts for their Master’s of Industrial Design. Excited and a little nervous, but mostly excited.

The program seems like exactly what I want. It is very forward thinking and will focus on using design theory to solve a problem and not just create an object. I appreciate the way they have their projects set up. While there are class specific projects there are also global projects that will be worked on by all the students over the course of two or three years.

Towing a trailer is a drag. It’s seriously slowing the trip down. Moving West to East is pretty tiresome as well. The time change makes going to bed early and getting up early quit difficult. Those together are making for a slow trip.

I’m also excited to find a new place to stay. It’s always fun to walk around a place wondering how your life would be if you were to live there. Fingers crossed for awesomeness.